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The DPF Problems blog has been online since 2014, and has been attracting thousands of car owners, who are either having issues with their Diesel Particulate Filter, or have an interest in servicing and maintaining not only their DPF Filter, but also their Vehicle.

As well, as creating new & exclusive content for this subject, I have an active comments section, where visitors can ask questions, and get assistance with their DPF problems, this ultimately means return traffic, since after a question is asked, visitors will often return in order to read any answers left by the blog owner or other visitors.

DPF Problems is a privately owned and maintained blog operated by an individual not a business, so I am not biased to any one provider or any one product and remain completely independent, however I have decided to open up the blog for commercial advertisers for related businesses, in order to cover my costs and to share in the success of the visitor traffic that I have built up over the last six years.

As of October 2020, this site was attracting an average of between 4500 – 6000 unique global visitors every month, all with a niche’ interest in DPF issues.  web traffic visitor stats are shown below.













Advertising is only open to those who operate business services in line with the topic and theme of this blog, and applications from the following are welcome

  • DPF Repair, Cleaning and Maintenance Services
  • Engine De-carbon / Cleaning Services
  • Vendors of Replacement DPF’s
  • Tuning / Re-Mapping Services
  • Car Parts Vendors
  • Fuel Additive Manufacturers
  • Car Valeting Services
  • Vehicle Diagnostic Services

Due to changes in the Law and risk of MOT Failures, I am sorry but I will not entertain advertising from DPF Removing Services or DPF Defeat Devices.

Advertising Rates

All prices are monthly for unlimited traffic / visits / clicks. I do not operate a PPC advertising service.

250 x 250 or 300 x 250 Display Advert, which appears in a random position within the body text on all content pages of the blog. With link to your website

Advertiser to supply the 250 x 250 / 300 x 250 graphic

Cost £11.99 / Month




250 x 250 Display Advert which appears within the Right Side column of the Blog, under Links heading.

This image when clicked will take the visitor to your website / social media page.

Advertiser to supply the 250 x 250 Graphic

(Graphic size is limited to 250 x 250 in this position).

Cost £8.99 / Month



720 x 90 Display Banner, located at the bottom of every content page, just above the comments section. Advertiser to supply the 720 x 90 Graphic. Cost £11.99 / month

Full Page Advert

An entire blog page consisting of your business services linked from the main blog index. This can include up to 3000 words, up to 4 images and up to 2 embedded YouTube Videos.

You provide the full written content / Images and Videos – I provide the space. This is especially useful for advertisers who don’t have their own website.

You can also provide up to 10 ‘tags’ to be embedded into your page, and these should consist of search terms which describe your business. You can also choose whether to have (un-moderated) visitor comments on or off on your page.

Full Page Cost: £35.00 / Month

If you would like further details on Advertising on this site please use the form below

Disclaimer:- I make no guarantee as to how successful your advertising will be as this depends on many factors. Minimum Term is one month advertising.

Web hosting can be subject to down time occasionally due to server maintenance and server reboots. On average this blog site enjoys between 98% – 100% uptime.