Does my Honda have a DPF

All diesel car manufacturers began fitting Diesel Particulate Filters to their cars from around 2008, in order to meet the new Euro Emissions regulations (EU 5), therefore it is virtually impossible to find a diesel engine car after this build year. However some manufacturers began fitting DPF systems to their cars as much as four years before the regulations changed, in order to meet the previous EU 4 requirements, so where do you stand if you own or are planning on buying a Honda Diesel?

Well, fortunately with Honda Diesel Engines it is fairly straightforward to determine which of their cars have a DPF Fitted. If you own a Honda Diesel manufactured before 2008, then it will not have a particulate filter on any model, and this also includes the I-CTDI engines (some of which may have been first registered beyond 2008)

All Honda Cars, fitted with the I-DTEC engine will have a DPF system fitted from the factory. Care should be taken in relation to the servicing of any Honda I-DTEC diesel car, to ensure that the correct Low Ash oil is used at each engine oil change. Premium Diesel Fuel such as Shell V-Power and BP Ultimate should also be used in cars equipped with particulate filters, and using a DPF cleaning fuel additive is also recommended.